Project: Saint John Nepomucene


Nyeri, Kenya is located in the Central Highlands of Kenya. Nyeri is one of the oldest villages in Kenya, established in the early 1900’s. Nyeri is also home to Mt. Kenya, the second tallest peak in Africa reaching 17,057 feet, and sheltering many unique animals such as the sykes monkey, cape buffalo, bongo antelope, and over 340 different bird species. Snugly packed in among Nyeri’s wildlife, the village is home to over 200,000 people (over 60% of whom are Roman Catholics). These Catholics were recently given the honor of holding the remains of Blessed Sister Irene Stefina in their church; Church of Our Lady Consolata at Nyeri in Kenya.


An ongoing water crisis in Kenya continues to worsen. Because of the water shortage in the village of Nyeri, the women and children walk miles each day to access clean water, sometimes spending a third of their day obtaining water. Farm lands are difficult or impossible to irrigate because of the poor water supply. Prices for food have sky-rocketed as crops continue to fail. This issue has been widely reported in the media. One reporter from Citizen Digital says that over 3,000 residents of Nyeri risk possible starvation because of the drying up of streams that supply them with water for drinking and farming, resulting in withered crops and little to no food. As the severe water shortage continues, it is becoming increasingly difficult to access clean water. According to the Nyeri Water and Sewage Company, the inhabitants of Nyeri are exposed to great health risks as the water crisis escalates. There have been increasing cases of typhoid fever, cholera, and diarrhea caused by unclean water.


Nyeri is the home village of our dear friend and priest, Father Charles Githinji, who has faithfully served the diocese of Dallas, Texas for the last six years. We consider him family. In honor of Father Charles and in thanksgiving for his priestly ministry, we are establishing ‘Project: Saint John Nepomucene’ to assist the village of Nyeri, Kenya. Project Saint John is dedicated to the patron saint of water, Saint John Nepomucene. With the intercession of Saint John, we are raising money to drill a borehole in Nyeri and establish a sustainable water reservoir. With a new water reservoir, the village will have an accessible and constant supply of fresh water. We humbly ask that you prayerfully consider helping the village of Nyeri.      


Project Saint John is a project of the Pontifical Mission Societies of the Holy Father. To learn more about the development of Project Saint John or to financially contribute, please click the button below.

About Saint John Nepomucene


As a priest in the 1300’s, Father John was invited to the court of Wenceslaus IV. There, in the court, he settled arguments and did many works of charity for the needy people in the city. He also became the queen’s confessor. One day, the king asked Father John to tell him what the queen said in confession. When Father John refused, the king had him thrown in prison. A second time, the king told Father John to reveal the queen’s confession. He told Father John, “If you do not tell me, you shall die. But if you obey my commands, riches and honor will be yours”. Again, Father John refused. The king ordered him to be tortured and thrown into the river. Where he drowned, a strange brightness appeared upon the water. We hope that Saint John will intercede for us and help us to illuminate and purify Nyeri’s water.

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